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Wow! That was amazing! I'm speechless!

Liked the song, liked the animation, but most of all, loved the narrative.
Great work!

Wow! I'm about your age (a bit older), and this brought back so many memories...

The animation and storytelling, as usual, also topnotch (haven't laugh so much with a video in a while).

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Things I like:
- Nice art.
- Addictive gameplay (at first).

Could improve (and guessing some/many might, as it's still a beta):
- Gets repetitive: follow the same steps to get all the girls. Basically talk until you can give gifts, then give cheap ones until you can date. Also, dates are pretty simple once you have all the girls' info, which is just a matter of talking a bunch of times.
- There is no time pressure or some other type of resource that would force to use a strategy. (after a while, it's just clicking).
- Some options seem useless: why sleep? you never get tired; why buy expensive gifts? cheap ones work almost as well; working with flash or on art gives you a ton of money compared to other jobs (why try the others?); exploring doesn't seem to be worth the risk...
- Dialogs on dates are way too simple. I was hoping that the info you get by talking (which I don't think you should get so directly), would be hints to what to talk about, what to buy, where to go, etc. Not the exact answer for question that are somewhat weird, and even get repeated 2 or 3 times during a date.
- At first I actually didn't noticed that the days were changing... Also, I think it's common for this type of games for the weekend to play out a bit different than the other days.
- It froze at one time, losing all my progress (only thing left was the final objective of each girl, a bit frustrating).

Might seem like a lot of negative stuff, but it's more that I enjoyed playing it for a while and I think it's a shame that at the end I was just clicking and waiting for the stats to go up.


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Age: 56 centuries
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Artist: Van Gogh
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Food: Bugles
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Not available in Beta

Awesome game!

It's a great concept and really well put together. Best part is obviously the gameplay, very creative and the difficulty slope is just right. The music is very good, and although not memorable, suits the game pretty well. The only part I think it need some work is the graphics. Simple graphics are good and all, but I you could find a distinctive style, it would help the game a lot (look too generic right now, and I believe that can discourage new player).
Overall, awesome game! Best I've played on NG this year!

Best game of 2010 on NG (or at least, my favorite)

I love this 'games as art' tendency that is going around lately. The ability of expressing a feeling or idea through a game, going beyond just entertainment. And your game does this very well. Many experimental games rely only on the concept, but your is a well round, polished project. The graphics, the sound, the gameplay, all are outstanding, work well together and set the mood perfectly. It's a bit short, but I think that's best for online games, and in particular this type of games where watching the ending is part of the experience. Hope you win a tank award for it!

On a side comment, I'm not sure why most of this game have to be platformers. I like to see this kind of ideas on other genres as well!

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We've ALL been waiting...

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